Dr. Arlene Minkoff, Optometrist - Eye care for the whole family conveniently located within Costco in Holbrook, NY
Conveniently located within the Holbrook Costco, our office has been serving patients from Holbrook, Medford, Patchogue, Sayville, Oakdale, Bohemia and the surrounding areas.
In addition to all required fields, please fill out the Ocular and Family History section. The rest is optional but recommended.
 We now offer Optomap wide field imaging! Convenient way to view
200 degrees of your retina without the need to be dilated.
 We offer the convenience and personal care of a private office as we are an independent practice. However, we have the advantage of being inside Costco where you can purchase contacts and glasses of high quality at reasonable prices.

UV protection is important in the winter and summer: goo.gl/fb/T8RgM
An eye exam can diagnose several conditions before you have symptoms:
Healthy foods for healthy eyes: bit.ly/1nOboJX
How Electronic Devices can cause Eye Strain: bit.ly/1hwXpTr
What is age-related Macular Degeneration?: bit.ly/1FbwFpz

Some Healthy Contact Lens Tips from the Center for Disease Control:              http://www.cdc.gov/contactlenses/infographic-underwear.html 

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